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The Dedicated Dad/Fatherhood initiative was conceived out of evidence-based data derived from the Kenosha Life Course Initiative for Healthy Families (LIHF). Our strategy is a two-pronged approach to increase father involvement at WIC visits and father specific education and support. The target population is WIC fathers or fathers-to-be whose partner or children are recipients of WIC services in Kenosha County.


Dedicated Dads Power Hour

Dedicated Dads participate in the curriculum based educational program at the RKCAA WIC office. This program creates a platform for developing attitudes and skills for male nurturance. The group meets weekly for an hour for an interactive exchange of experiences and dialogue. Upon completion, each participant will have skills to:

  • Create a foundation for a safe, stable, and nurturing environment
  • Apply positive discipline tools for successful child behavior management
  • Utilize communication techniques to strengthen the father-child and father-mother relationships

Dedicated Dad 1:1

Setting goals allows fathers to work on specific areas of growth to establish foundational skills that will help the fathers thrive.

How 1:1 works

  • Enroll in the mentoring program
  • Set goals and actively pursue them in areas of Employment and Education, Father Involvement, Co-Parenting and Health and wellness.
  • Maintain monthly communication with the FI Coordinator via phone, email or in-person
  • One-year participation is expected to complete

Meet the Facilitator

Sharmain Harris is a father of two children and a husband. As the WIC Father Involvement Coordinator, he facilitates the father-specific activities. He is a passionate advocate for families in Kenosha and continually drives successful outcomes for fathers and families in the community. Sharmain received his Nurturing Father's facilitator certification in 2015, in February 2017 successfully completed the National Fatherhood Practitioner course, and received certification as a Nurturing Father Trainer. He is also a WIC father, which is an important component related to the success of the program. More than 150 WIC fathers who have completed the Nurturing Fathers course and 50 first-time fathers are being mentored. When Sharmain is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading books and playing basketball. He states, “I do not see my work as a job, but rather my purpose in life”.

Dedicated Dads Online

Dads Online uses technology to connect with dads and provide education and support. This interactive webinar series offers an alternative approach to reaching fathers who may not come into the office or participate in the more structured father-specific services. After viewing the online video, the father answers several open-ended questions with the responses emailed to RKCAA’s Father Involvement Coordinator.

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