Racine Kenosha Community Action Agency, Inc. (RKCAA) continued its efforts to reduce infant mortality and promote breastfeeding, by hosting a half-day Breastfeeding Summit on February 5, 2019 at Gateway Technical College. The Breastfeeding Summit provided an opportunity to hear from experts on breastfeeding and engage professionals such as health/lactation specialists and breastfeeding supporters/advocates.  This event also enabled participants to engage in discussions regarding a Breastfeeding Friendly Racine.  Fifty-two professionals attended the event to help RKCAA identify promising practices to encourage more women of color to breastfeed.  If you would like to get involved with Breastfeeding Friendly Racine, please call RKCAA.






The Racine Lifecourse Initiatives for Healthy Families project is a community-wide effort to close the black-white gap in birth outcomes in Racine. The Lifecourse Perspective teaches that what happens during the life of a woman has an impact on her baby while she is pregnant.  RKCAA is the convening agency for this effort.

Mission, Vision and Goals

Our mission is to reduce African American infant mortality and improve the health and well being of African American women, children and families in the Greater Racine community.

Our vision is to serve as a driving force for change that connects resources, organizations and individuals to those most affected. The Collaborative will impact not only the African American infant mortality rate but also the quality of life for all in Racine.

Our goal is to reduce fetal/ infant mortality and prematurity by 20%.

Strategies of the Collaborative include policy, system, and environmental changes such as improving access to breastfeeding supports, reducing risky behavior in adolescents, and provide community events such as Baby Expo and the Healthy Teen Fair that connects the community to resources.


Improving Black Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is one way a family can insure optimal infant health and survival.  The Collaborative wants to make sure families have access breastfeeding supports, systems, and environments. Our goal is to increase breastfeeding rates for black women by 10%, and increase the number of breastfeeding friendly spaces in Racine.


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Improving Adolescent Health

The Adolescent Health project fosters community leadership, strengthens and coordinates programs to reduce unintended teen pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases/sexual transmitted infections (STDs/STIs), reduce ethnic/racial disparities in health outcomes, and promote optimal health and decision making for teens, ages 10-19.  In addition, to educating parent(s)/guardian(s) on best practices when communicating with their teen on important topic areas related to health and well-being.



SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2019 @ Gateway Technical College, Racine
The Sixth Annual Baby Expo provided a “one-stop-shop” experience, connecting families to community services. This event continues to grow and become a great resource for mothers in the Racine community. The event took place on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at Washington Park High School in Racine. Over 280 total people participated in this very successful event, including community residents, volunteers, and 26 vendors, including Birthing Project USA, Black Infant Health, Racine Home Visitation Network, etc. In addition, attendees were able to participate in five educational sessions on various topics, such as breastfeeding, budgeting for a family, OBGYN chat, fatherhood, and skincare.





Healthy Teen Fair 2018

The Second Annual Healthy Teen Fair provided a “one-stop-shop” experience, connecting adolescents and families to community services and workshops. The event took place on Friday, June 15, 2018 at the Dr. John Bryant community Center.  Over 100 parents and adolescents attended and 8 vendors such as the Women’s Resource Center and Planned Parenthood.

RKCAA's Breastfeeding Summit Recap

Community Report Card 16-18