Racine Kenosha Community Action Agency, Inc works to positively impact the community in the areas of housing, food and nutrition, health, and asset attainment.

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Kenosha Programs/Initiatives


Dedicated Dads Program - Father Involvement is central to healthy children and healthy families. Did you know that fathers who are active in their children’s upbringing can significantly benefit their child’s early development, academic achievement and well-being? Dedicated Dads provides father-specific programming with weekly Power Hour classes where lively conversations are held on topics such as co-parenting, child development, financial health, anger management and father engagement. Contributing to Dedicated Dads would assist in expanding fatherhood programming and special events, such as the Daddy Daughter Dance, Father’s Day barbeque or workshops to develop new skills. 



Teaching Kitchen - RKCAA’s Teaching Kitchen has provided hands-on cooking activities to over 3,000 Kenosha children and families since opening in 2013. Parents say it is a great way to get their children to try new foods. Children love to help prepare recipes, whether it is stirring the batter or adding fresh vegetables to their tortilla pizza. RKCAA is seeking to build on this success by upgrading the Teaching Kitchen to a commercial-grade kitchen, which would enable us to offer the following programs and services:

  • community cooking classes
  • meal preparation classes that incorporate food preservation techniques such as canning and freezing
  • guest chef events
  • a place for small vendors to use the kitchen for food procurement and sales
  • food service/culinary programs offering job and skills training to aid in obtaining jobs in the culinary industry 

Racine Programs/Initiatives


Breastfeeding Initiative - The overall goal of the Breastfeeding Project is to educate pregnant and postpartum families about the benefits of breastfeeding while increasing awareness to improve breastfeeding rates in Racine. Breast milk contains antibodies that help a baby fight off viruses and bacteria.

  • Over 25 individuals attended Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC) Training
  • Over 50 professionals attend the Breastfeeding Summit enabling them to share best practices and discuss barriers to breastfeeding
  • Over 320 one-on-one contacts, and educational sessions for pregnant and postpartum families were carried out by the Breastfeeding Advocate


RKCAA is seeking to enhance its services to families by offering:

  • regular support groups for moms and families
  • Public awareness on the benefits of breastfeeding
  • Establishing additional partnerships with churches and workplaces to support breastfeeding-friendly spaces

Adolescent Health - The overall goal of the Adolescent Health Project is to improve the health and well-being of youth in the Racine community.  Did you know that teens actually listen to their parents? They are more likely to develop strong core values if parents are engaged and active in their lives and they are more academically successful.

  • Over 200 people attended the Healthy Teen Fairs
  • Over 75 parents attended parent/teen communication workshops
  • Over 120 teens and young adults were tested for STDs/STIs
  • Over 150 teens attended workshops on making wise choices



RKCAA is seeking to enhance its services by:

  • Engaging more teens
  • Increasing the number of parent/teen workshops
  • Providing more information about making wise choices and how to talk to your teens
  • Providing leadership skill-building activities for teens